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The oldest and most prestigious soap making factory in Porto, Portugal, CLAUS PORTO was founded in 1887 by two world renowned chemists: Ferdinand Claus and Georges Schwedder. Together they created the base for what was to become one of the most important soap making factories ever. Hindered by the advent of the WWI, the two German founders were forced to leave Portugal forever and sold the company to one of its executives, Achilles de Brito. Under his expertise and guidance the company flourished and became renowned throughout Europe as the best soap making factory in the world. Soon after, famous fragrance and fashion houses in France, England and Spain came to Porto to have all of their soaps made by CLAUS PORTO, renamed ACH BRITO after its then current owner. The factory today is still family owned and run by the great grandson of Achilles de Brito. At this 117 year old company, the family continues with the great soap making traditions that were a matter of honor for the original founders.